It is FasterEFT and does it matter?

Find out how you’ll know that you’ll be in the presence of practitioners trained in FasterEFT

Why Does Tapping Work? — FasterEFT is the tapping solution with NLP Robert Smith

Why tapping works? With each thought, the body generates feelings that no longer exist. FasterEFT works because it addresses the whole system, body and mind.


The fear of Cockroaches and how your beliefs are created! (français)

In this video, the fear of cockroaches was chosen. Discover how beliefs are created in order to be able to get rid of them. This obviously applies to other beliefs such as fear of heights, fear of spiders and much more

It’s not a disruption in your energy system but rather a creation. (français)

Thoughts whether they are positive or negative, generate a reaction felt in the body. The tapping will help to stop the negative messages sent by the brain to the body when you have negative thoughts. This in order to avoid stress being affecting the body which makes you feel bad.


Lose Weight the Easy Way – FasterEFT

This is not about the food or avoiding places or people who might eat what you want to avoid. This is about taking control and changing your reaction to food to change the existing program.

Procrastination is a Skill— FasterEFT NLP

Each of us can produce procrastination but it is actually a skill and a manifestation of a fear. Learn how to identify what causes this condition and use activities you enjoy to motivate yourself.


It is not what you say but the Foundation is Aiming FasterEFT ways of thinking.

Robert G. Smith explains that the key of FasterEFT is that it is different from any other techniques. Certainly one of the most important part is focusing on the emotion (how do you know) to be able to get rid of the problem.