What is FasterEFT

(Faster Emotionnaly Focused Transformation)


FasterEFT is an advanced methodology developed by Robert G.Smith, after many years of study and work with thousands of people, including several techniques such as:

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • BSFF (Be Set Free Fast)
  • Hypnosis

FasterEFT addresses the belief system responsible for the body’s response (stress, anxiety, trauma, abuse, phobias, grief, addictions, various disorders …). Diseases and ailments are a response arising from our limiting perceptions with what our spirit feeds consciously and unconsciously.

Not derived from any ideological movement, FasterEFT suits every individual, children and adults. By its logical and rational approach, it offers the responsibility for its own balance each using the great processing capacity that our brain has.

It is about self-management of our own thoughts and emotions that allows control over the past-present-future. Its direct, powerful and fast work teaches how to change immediately and generates a positive impact in the daily, restores physical and mental health, acquiring the keys to a new life.


Why using FasterEFT?
  • Faster and deeper changes
  • Simple to apply
  • Easily remembered to apply in daily experiences
  • Aims at the problem more directly, no beating around the bush
  • Quickly transforms core issues related to traumas and limited beliefs
  • Works directly with the unconscious mind and all its resources
  • It is all about the client and how they perceive things – no projections
  • Fills the void and has the missing pieces that makes it effective
  • You do not have to say “Even though” to get powerful changes
  • Works with people who do not visualize well
  • Works with people who have no memories of an issue
  • No searching for words to say when you tap
  • You can do it mentally or physically because of the simple tapping process
  • No long scripts to memorize
  • Easier to teach others
  • You get a complete understanding of how and why we have problems
  • Makes good sense and is very logical without going into “woo woo’s”
  • You can share it and it’ll be easily accepted in any situation
  • You are given formulas and protocols to change any problem
  • No psychological reversal, creates complete changes


FasterEFT creates ultimate forgiveness. You gain great wisdom and your life will become what you desire.